Our Organization Values



  • We strive to understand and anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.
  • We are committed to offer innovative and value-added solutions to our customers.
  • We always ask “How can we serve our customers best?”

4.2       LIVE QUALITY

  • We nurture Quality as an attitude at DALAS BIOTECH LTD.
  • We are quality driven and apply a “Quality Minded Approach To Everything We Do.”
  • We are passionate about Quality and its continuous improvement through teamwork.

4.3       ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY & INNOVATION TO DRIVE 3Ps. (People, Processes and Products)

  • We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices throughout our organization.
  • We aggressively pursue new business, and determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity, have a determination and a positive approach to every task, have a ‘can-do’ spirit, and a restless determination to continually improve and excel.
  • We utilize our ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every new opportunity and every new challenge.
  • We encourage and inspire learning amongst our people.


  • We passionately believe that people are the most valued assets of our company, and that they are essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.
  • We trust, inspire, and empower our people to set and achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals.
  • We treat all people with dignity and courtesy.
  • We strive to support mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our stakeholders.


  • We work smartly with passion, integrity, conviction and commitment.
  • We work in teams with a shared purpose and value individual ability and diversity as essential to promote harmony and open communication. Each of us succeeds individually. when we, as a team, achieve success.
  • We respect and adhere to company policies, systems and procedures
  • We will be well-informed and respect the regulations, rules, and compliance issues that apply to our businesses around the world.
  • We respect the values and cultures of the communities in which we operate.